Sondai fort trek

The Sondai fort trek is a situated around 9 km from Karjat in Raigad district. It was built close to the Karjat and Matheran mountain ranges. History The Sondai Fort was built so that it could act as a watchtower for surveillance of nearby areas. It gets its name because ofRead More →

Samrajgad fort trek as seen from the base village

Samrajgad Fort Trek The Samrajgad fort trek is a hill fort trek located in South-West of Murud village. Also known as Danda-Rajpuri, it acted as the main base to attack the Janjira Fort. This fort was built to keep a constant surveillance on the Janjira Fort and so that itsRead More →

Kurdugad fort trek as seen from the base village

Kurdugad fort trek Kurdugad fort trek is a hill fort situated in Raigad district. There is a temple of goddess Kurdai at the base of the fort. The Kurdugad Fort was named after this deity. History The Kurdugad Fort is also known as Vishramgad Fort. It was named after theRead More →

Khubladha Fort Trek The Khubladha Fort trek meaning the great battle, is a coastal fort located near the coast of Thal near Alibaug. It is also called as the Thal Fort. History The Khubladha Fort played an important role in supplying building materials and other supplies while Shivaji Maharaj wasRead More →

Ghosalgad Fort trek is located near the town of Roha. Having a narrow strip of 20 m in width, this hill fort was built to keep a watch on the  business and trading routes around Maval to the sea ports. History Although it is not known whether who built theRead More →

Dasgaon fort trek

Dasgaon Fort Trek The Dasgaon Fort trek is a hill fort located in Raigad district of Maharashtra. It is situated on a hill between the Savitri river and the Dasgaon village. History Dasgaon Fort overlooks the Mahad Port which was a port for trading since ancient times. It was important toRead More →

chambhargad fort as seen from the base village

Chambhargad Fort Trek The Chambhargad Fort trek, one of the many forts in Satara, was built to keep an eye on the town. It is known to be one of the oldest forts in Raigad district.  History Chambhargad fort also called as Mahendragad was built to keep a watch onRead More →

Avchitgad as seen from Nidi Station

Avchitgad Fort Trek Avchitgad Fort trek is a hill fort surrounded by the beautiful Sahyadri ranges of Maharashtra. It resides near the town of Roha in Raigad district. The fort can be seen from Nidi Railway Station which is nearby. History Constructed by the Shilahar kings of the Shilahar Dynasty,Read More →

Sarasgad as seen from the base village Pali

The Sarasgad Fort Trek is situated alongside Sudhagad Fort. Thus, it is also known as the twin of Sudhagad Fort. Located near Pali village, the Sarasgad Fort lies in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. History The Sarasgad Fort is a hill fort. It is also called as Pagadicha Killa asRead More →

Sudhagad fort trek as seen from the base village

Sudhagad Fort trek also known as Bhorapgad was built as a hill fort. It was built for defensive advantage due to rise in elevation  It is situated in Pali,Maharashtra and lies within the Sudhagad Wildlife Sanctuary. History According to sources, the Sudhagad Fort was built around in 2nd century B.C andRead More →