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ImOutdoor wants you to submit your guest posts! Unique, entertaining coverage about travel experiences or destinations. Think snappy! We aren’t accepting your usual “guest posts”, which are simply ways to get your links on our website. Absolutely not, that’s not what we are looking for. If you write for ImOutdoor, it’s best to avoid guidebook lingo, promotional hype, clickbait titles and extra jazz.

Give the readers a ton of specifics – details any reader would need to really get the most out of a trip or a trek to the destination you are covering, everything arranged in short paragraphs with plenty of sub-heads to keep readers engrossed. Typical travel articles run anywhere from 1200 to 2,000 words.

ImOutdoor solicits several types of articles:

  • A first-person account of a unique trip/trek (known as “Experiences” on ImOutdoor)
  • A “Top 10” lists (known as “Top 10”) of your favourite activities, destination, features to a travel

To help you out with the Top 10 and Experience piece, ImOutdoor supplies you with a template of what to write about, which makes the job that much easier.

You’ll have to sniff out tons of little facts and details to chalk up a following to ImOutdoor. We encourage writers to get creative and create guest posts in your flagship style. You need to submit atleast one picture along with your entry post which will become the featured image for your blog post.

If you’re interested in writing your first guest blog for ImOutdoor, you can fill out the attached form to initiate a request. However, before you begin, we recommend that you read the site’s comprehensive guidelines for the writers below.

Guidelines for a Guest Post

  • We’re looking at a minimum 1000 words of your own enthralling experience.
  • Please make sure to proofread for grammatical errors and sentence structure. We would love to see your essence in the writing style.
  • Please include a minimum of 1 photos. We recommend 3 photos for the body of the text, one featured image (750px) and one. Photos must be your own and NOT downloaded from the internet.
  • If you are doing a top 10 post, we need photos to go with each number. Eg. “10 best monsoon treks” should have 10 photos plus a separate featured image photo.
  • We would also require one picture/logo of the you/your website so that we can link back to you and your blog.
  • Photos should be 1200px wide for horizontal photos. 735px wide for vertical and sent via Email.
  • Send a YouTube Video Link if you want to include video and your YouTube URL so we can generate subscriptions to your page.
  • All articles must be original content. It is absolutely important that they must not have been posted previously anywhere on the internet even on your own website/blog.
  • We will be checking all content we get for plagiarism. We will reject all content that conflicts with our plagiarism checker.
  • Make sure to include a bio for the bottom of the post with all your social media accounts and your travel blog linked so we can promote your article and you.
  • Please send a headshot to go with your article and that should also be 400x minimum.
  • Please do not include any more than two external links within the body of the text.
  • All links are no-follow, with the exception of the links to your personal blog.
  • All articles should be submitted in Word and clearly indicate where in the article the photos should be placed.

Note for companies: These guidelines are only for fellow travel bloggers who want to share their personal stories, photos, videos with a wider audience. For companies wishing to advertise with us, please visit our advertising page.

Why write for us? 

When we were starting out, we had so much to say and wanted more people to hear our story. When we wrote for the blogs that we admire and enjoy, we were excited and thrilled to see our story on their page. We were even more excited when we watched our website grow because we were making new friends and gaining a new audience.

How will you gain a new audience?

  • We’ll share your article and tag your Twitter, Facebook. Our readers are content hungry and they love your experiences!
  • Our website has a lot of treks documented already, if your experience includes any of these destinations your post will be promoted below these pages.

We know that people enjoy our stories. They’ve heard it from us, now they want to hear from you. Show them that anyone can live an extraordinary life and that travel can enrich their lives just as it has enriched yours.

Show us what you got!

Contact us via the form below and submit  your story idea and we’ll send you our email address and the necessary details
Can’t Wait to Hear From You!