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Easy Treks

Experience is not entirely necessary for an easy level trek, anyone who is in good health and fit enough to enjoy a good weekend hill walk can manage this grade. Easy treks are ideal for first time trekkers and anyone willing to explore.

Medium Treks

The Moderate or medium treks begin to present more of a challenge to first time trekkers and are tougher than easy treks .So these treks are suitable for any walker looking for something a little more challenging and energetic

Hard Treks

For any hard level trek, fine fitness is very important. Along with fitness one should also be proficient in managing difficult terrain, navigation skills, crossing streams and some aspects of technical rock climbing including gears.

Challenging Treks

Challenging treks are only for real adventures. The main component at this level is likely to be a long , high altitude trek , uphill mountain with the possibility of some rope climbing that requires physical and mental stamina.

Monsoon treks in Sahyadris are the best!

Although the range is famous for it's winter treks, the monsoon treks in Sahyadris is a an enthralling experience!

Most treks have historical relevance

Most of the prominent mountains in the Sahyadris in the Maharashtra region have historical fortifications at the top.

Easy level treks to Difficult level treks!

Since the range is so long and diverse in it's terrain, one can find easy level to challenging levels of treks here!

Wildlife Sanctuaries

The Sahyadri mountain range has a lot of Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks thanks to it's varied Flora and Fauna.

Why trek the Sahyadris?

An active community of trekkers!

Sahyadri range is trekked by experienced and amateur trekkers alike, there is a real sense of community.

Treks are of various durations!

Be it a one day trek near Mumbai or Pune or a range trek in Nashik, the mountain range has treks of various durations!

Easy access to most treks

Most of the treks in Maharashtra can be reached by State Transport buses (ST buses) or the Railways.

Biodiversity Hotspot

The western ghats area is home to amphibians, bird species and flowering plants which are not found anywhere else in the world

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