The Sarasgad Fort Trek is situated alongside Sudhagad Fort. Thus, it is also known as the twin of Sudhagad Fort. Located near Pali village, the Sarasgad Fort lies in the Raigad district of Maharashtra.


The Sarasgad Fort is a hill fort. It is also called as Pagadicha Killa as its shape is similar to a Puneri Pagadi aka Puneri Turban.

Captured by Malik Ahmad in his Konkan Campaigns it was brought under the Maratha Swarajya by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, who paid  an amount of 2000 hones (gold coins) which was the currency during that time, for the fortification of the fort. Sarasgad fort was never captured and diminished by the British army and was under the control of Bhor Sansthan until independence.

The Sarasgad Fort was built as a watch place to keep an eye on the surrounding area which was an easy task due to its identifiable four pinnacles. Around ten tanks are carved in the rocks of the fort to provide water all round the year. Two bastions were also built to keep a watch, which has rooms at the base of the bastions and were used as a residence for the guards.


The Sarasgad fort trek is located at a height of 490m above sea level. The Sarasgad fort trek starts from the Balleshwar temple located in Pali which is the base village.

The summit has two temples-the Kedashwar temple and the Shiva temple which offers spectacular panoramic view of the mountain ranges that are around the Sarasgad Fort. From the highest point of the trek, one can easily spot Sudhagad, Sankhi, Dhangad, Korigad, Sagargad and Taila-Baila.

The fort consists of a big water reservoir, the tomb of Shahapeer and few small lakes. There is a Shivlinga placed in a nearby cavern where a few people can stay. The fort also offers a view of the mountain of Tin Kavdi, Paligoan, Amba river and hot reservoirs of Unheri, Konkan and Jambhulpada.

Sarasgad Fort is now almost in ruins but the huge rock steps of the fort still continue to be climbed by a lot of trekkers.

The trail

The Sarasgad Fort trek almost takes 2-2.5 hours to reach the summit.

It takes 1 hour to reach Dindi Darwaja of Sarasgad Fort from Pali. To reach the fort, there are two routes from Pali. You can use the route behind the Balleshwar temple as it is most frequently used. On the way you have to climb 3 small hills and a number of steps to reach the entrance gate. Route on hill is easy but the small rock climbing sections becomes very slippery during monsoon.

How to reach

The Sarasgad Fort is just a 2 hr drive from Mumbai and Pune as it is at a distance of approximately 110 km from both. Travelling by private vehicle from Mumbai t0 reach the base village,Pali village, might take less than 2 hours from Panvel. You can even take the Khopoli exit from Pune expressway and drive onto Pali road. This road is more preferable than taking the NH17 road from Panvel.

There are ST buses going from Karjat to Khopoli and can be available from 6 in the morning to 5.30 in the evening. If travelling by train from Mumbai, take the CST to Khopoli train from the Central line. From Khopoli, take an auto to Pali village.You can also take the Passenger train bound to Mumbai, get down at Khopoli.


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