Ghosalgad Fort trek is located near the town of Roha. Having a narrow strip of 20 m in width, this hill fort was built to keep a watch on the  business and trading routes around Maval to the sea ports.


Although it is not known whether who built the Ghosalgad Fort, it was under the reign of Nizamshah till 16th century. In 1648, the fort was captured by Shivaji Maharaj who renamed it as Veergad. The fort holds an important significance as it is one of the 12 forts that were under of the reign of Shivaji Maharaj.

The Ghosalgad Fort was in control of Siddhi, Angre and Maratha rule before being captured by Colonel Prother in 1948.


The highest point of Ghosalgad fort trek stands tall at a height of 260m and is located 8 km south to the town of Roha. It has Ghosale as its base village. The fort has a narrow spur that has been  guarded by fortification.

The narrow strip of Machi or summit has a bastion intact and can still be found in a good condition. From the bastion, the beautiful view of the Citadel can be witnessed. Around the Balekilla hill, one can find caves, rock cut water cisterns and a cannon near the western side of the hill. One can even find two carvings of Sharabh on stones near the main entrance of the fort. There is a Chor Darwaja or secret doorway which was used as an escape route that connects the narrow wall of fortification. One can view the toilets that had been constructed by the earlier regimes.

Even though the Citadel has no remnants, it offers a spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding region.

The trail

The Ghosalgad Fort trek has an easy trail having Ghosale as its base village. One route is 15 min walk from the village and takes us directly to the main entrance of the fort. There is another route to the fort, that goes around the Balekilla but the path is narrow and slippery.

To reach the Citadel, one has to go through the back side of the fort and en route can spot water cisterns and caves.

How to reach

If travelling by private vehicle, one can come by Mumbai-Khopoli-Pali-Roha-Ghosale

You can even come by Pune-Chinchwad-Dehu Road-Lonavala-Khopoli-Pali-Roha-Ghosale.

For public transport, there are ST buses running frequently between Roha and Ghosale .

Via train, there are direct trains from Dadar, Mumbai to Roha junction. Direct trains to Roha junction are also available from Pune junction.

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