Khubladha Fort Trek

The Khubladha Fort trek meaning the great battle, is a coastal fort located near the coast of Thal near Alibaug. It is also called as the Thal Fort.


The Khubladha Fort played an important role in supplying building materials and other supplies while Shivaji Maharaj was constructing the Khanderi Fort in 1659. It was also used to look out for any invasion from the British or from the Siddis. The Khubladha Fort was eventually captured by the Siddis in 1749 and recaptured by Manaji Angre in 1750.

It became difficult to handle the fort as it was under constant attacks. Thus, the fort was broken, abandoned and the base was moved to the Colaba Fort in Alibaug.


Situated on the natural elevation on the Thal coast, the Khubladha Fort was built to protect the Underi Fort. It has Thal as its base village. Thal village is 5 km from Alibaug.

The Khubladha Fort was a very small square shaped fort having four bastions on its four corners. The Underi Fort is visible from this fort.

As the fort was abandoned, not many remnants can be seen on the fort. A small number of fortified parts of walls are still there.

The trail

The Khubladha Fort trek is an easy trail as it is a 15 min walk from the base village.

How to reach

If travelling by private vehicle, the base village, Thal is 5 km from Alibaug.

Some ferry boats are available but they are not that frequent. You can ask local fisherman for some assistance.

The nearest railway station to the base village is Pen. The station is 30 km from Alibaug.

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