dhakoba fort trek

Dhakoba Fort Trek Dhakoba fort trek is on the Malshej mountain range on the banks of the Darya Ghat in the Junnar area. It was used to keep an eye on the Darya Ghat south of Naneghat and Jeevdhan. As there are no remnants of a fort throughout the DhakobaRead More →

how to reach Morgiri Fort trek

Morgiri Fort Trek Morgiri fort trek is situated in the Lonavala range of the Pune district of Maharashtra, India. The fort was used as a watch tower. History The Morgiri Fort Trek is an unknown hill fort that was discovered in the last few years. It is assumed that theRead More →

Malhargad Fort Trek Malhargad Fort trek is a hill fort located in the range of Bhuleshwar of Pune district of Maharashtra, India. The last fort built in the state of Maharashtra was Malhargad. History The Malhargad Fort was built by a Peshwa Sardar. He was the Chief in charge ofRead More →

Hadsar Fort Trek

Hadsar Fort Trek Hadsar fort trek is a beautiful trail located in Junnar region. One can start a 5 day trek from Naneghat-Jeevdhan-Shivneri-Lenyadri. Hadsar by itself is a medium grade trek in terms of the difficulty level. History Hadsar Fort trek, also goes by the name of Parvatgad fort trek.Read More →

Anjaneri Fort Trek

Anjaneri Fort Trek Anjaneri fort is believed to be the birthplace of Lord ‘Hanuman’ and hence this place has a huge historical importance. He was the son of ‘Keshari’ and ‘Anjanimata’, hence the name Anjaneri . He was also known as the son of ‘Pavan Dev’. It lies in theRead More →

Mohangad Fort Trek The Mohangad Fort Trek is a type of hill fort that is situated in the Varandha Range of Pune district of Maharashtra, India. History Mohangad fort was built for the protection of the ghats that are the important trade link. During the war of Pratapgad, Shivaji MaharajaRead More →

Kailasgad Fort Trek Kailasgad Fort trek is an easy grade trek located in Pune district of Maharashtra, India. The fort is not visited by many and not much is known about it’s history. History Villagers around the fort say that Shivaji Raje had visited once to this fort. There isRead More →

Bhorgiri Fort Trek Bhorgiri Fort Trek is one of the lesser known forts located near the Bhimanshankar Wildlife Sanctuary in Pune district of Maharashtra, India. Rajgurunagar is the nearest town to this fort. History The history of this fort is not very well documented. Bhorgiri Fort Trek is well connectedRead More →

Chakan Fort Trek Chakan Fort Trek is also known as Sangramgad and it is situated in the Chakan village of Pune district, India. The fort is mostly known for Maratha History. History Chakan fort or Sangramgad is popularly known for its history. On the Chakan Fort, Maratha General, Firangoji NarsalaRead More →