Tikona Fort Trek

Tikona fort trek is located in the Maval region in Pune, Maharashtra. It is known for it’s pyramidal shape which can be seen from the camping grounds in Pawna. The fort stands tall at 3500 ft. The name Tikona means “triangular”.


Not much is known about who build this fort. A vihara can be found on the fort which estimates the fort to be in existence since the 7-8th century A.D.

In 1585, Malik Ahmad Nizam Shah I conquered the fort and annexed it to the Nizam territory. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj won over the forts of Lohagad, Karnala, Mahuli, Songad, Visapur and Tala in 1657. He successfully conquered the Nizam territory of Konkan and bought it under his rule.

The fort was crucial in for the control of the Pawna-Maval region because of it’s location. Security for the fort was provided by the Deshmukhs from the Maval region. It remained under them for a very log time since 1660.

The local villages and the forts held steady against a tirade of attacks from Jaysingh in 1665. Tikona fort eventually fell into the Mughal when Kubadkhan attacked the region along with Halal Khan and allies. This is documented in the Treaty of Purandar signed on June 1665.

The fort was recaptured by the Marathas from Kubad Khan. Akbar, Aurangzeb’s son was offered a stay on Tikona fort when King Sambhaji met Aurangzeb in 1682. However he preffered Jaitapur due to climatic conditions. The fort eventually fell to the British after a battled between them and the Maratha army in 1818.


A lot of the ramparts of the fort collapsed during the monsoon season in 1980. Tikona Fort trek and the Mandvi hills are separated by the Maval and the Paud valley. To the north of the fort is Maval valley and to the south is Paud valley. The fort is easily visible from the Mumbai-Pune expressway.

Tikona fort is called so because of it’s triangular shape. Two of it’s three prongs allow you to reach the fort. These entrances are enclosed with gates and bastions, while the third prong is fortified by digging a trench at a small height protected by cannons and rifles. It’s very difficult to enter the fort from this trail.

There are two entrances to the fort are located to the east and the north of the fort. To reach the fort, one has to go through Gevhande and Tikona Peth. Whichever way you come, the fort is very easy to climb.

There is a temple of Chapetdan Maruti, it is a temple of Lord Hanuman. There are some ruins and a door known as Vetal darwaja. There is a small lake in front of the temple. The temple is of Lord Tuljadevi Mandir. A sign board besides the temple reads out the fort’s map and history.

There are remains of an animal pulled stone grinder on the way to the fort. The trail continues ascending until it reaches the final rock cut steps which are very steep. The steps lead you to a bastion. There is a cave besides this on the right side.

There is a Trymbakeshwar temple at the top of the fort. A huge water tank can also be seen here along with the remnants of the fort. The top of the Tikon fort offers astounding views of the Pawna-Maval region. Nearby forts like Tung, Lohagad and Visapur can be easily seen from the top along with the Pawna lake.

The Trail

The trail starts from the hillock south of the parking area near Tikonapeth. The route is well marked and well paved. It is very safe and wide. The hillock is actually the part that separates the fort from the main mountain. It takes about an hour to reach the entrance gate of the fort. There are very steep and high, however a rope is tied on one side to aid in climbing. Tikona fort trek is an easy level trek and is recommended for beginners.

Another route from the Chor Darwaza of the fort is a thrilling route, however because of low visitors the route lies in neglect and is covered in vegetation.

How to reach

One can reach Tikona Peth from Pune or Mumbai if travelling by personal vehicle. If travelling by train, get down at Kamshet, which is two stops ahead of Lonavala. Take an ST (State Transport) bus / shared jeep to Kale colony from the Kamshet railway station.

Any bus bound for Paund or Morsay is convenient for reaching Tikona Peth from Kamshet. From Tikona Peth the fort can be trekked in about 45 minutes.