Songir Fort Trek

The Songir Fort Trek in Lonavala lies in the Pune district of Maharashtra, India. Songir (Karjat) Fort Trek is hill fort trek. This fort is often confused with the Songir fort near Nagothane in the Raigad district.


The Songir Fort was built at the base of Borghat and was used as a watchtower for the security and protection of the empire.


The Songir Fort’s height is about 2500 feet long from the Mean Sea Level. In Maharashtra, there are two similar named forts, one near Karjat in Pune District and another in Nagothane in Raigad District. Trekkers can see the view of Dhak, Bhivgad, and Prabalgad, etc. from the top of the fort.

The Trail

It is a small fort and based at the Borghat. It takes approximately two hours to reach the top of the fort from the base village. To start the trek, trekkers need to go through the Palasdari tunnel. There will be a lineman cabin near the tunnel. Just behind the cabin where you will see a way which passes to the top of the fort. They should be quite alert of the slippery ascensions as we reach the top of the fort. Here are two water tanks on the top of the fort with remnants of ramparts.

How to Reach

Trekkers can reach Palasdhari station. It takes about 15 minutes to reach the Avalas village. From Avalas village we can board for the Naavli base village of the Songir (Karjat) Fort Trek. Trekkers can reach Palasdari Railway Station which is just before Karjat Railways Station. There are no direct trains available from Mumbai/Pune to Palasdari Station. To reach Palasdari station trekkers need to get down at Karjat and then board a local train for Palasdari Railway station.

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