Mohangad Fort Trek

The Mohangad Fort Trek is a type of hill fort that is situated in the Varandha Range of Pune district of Maharashtra, India.


Mohangad fort was built for the protection of the ghats that are the important trade link. During the war of Pratapgad, Shivaji Maharaja wrote a letter to Bajiprabhu Deshpande informing that the Jaslodhgad fort which was unused for a long period must be repaired and renamed as Mohangad and a garrison of 5 to 25 soldiers should be stationed. In 2008, the letter of Sachin Joshi of Pune discovered that the Durgadi/Janani hill is none other than Mohangad itself.


The difficulty level of Mohangadh Fort Trek is medium. It is a type of hill fort, located in the Pune district of Maharashtra. Varandha ghat is one of the most important trade track which connected Mahad in the Konkan region to Bhor. The base village of Mohangad is Durgadi. The fort itself was known as Durgadi fort and the mountain is named after Goddess Janani.

The Trail

It is an easy trek and a small trail from the base of the fort takes us to the top of the fort. Ascend to the left entering the woods and canopy of branches. There is a temple on the fort. Steps are also available to reach the top of the fort. The height of the fort is 3608.92 from above the sea level.

How to Reach

Trekkers need to reach Mahad on the Mumbai-Goa highway. On the path of the Mahad-Bhor route start ascending Varandha Ghat. One needs to find a diversion to the right for Durgadi Village after 10 km. In this village, the path which rises from the last temple takes us to the fort.

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