Malhargad Fort Trek

Malhargad Fort trek is a hill fort located in the range of Bhuleshwar of Pune district of Maharashtra, India. The last fort built in the state of Maharashtra was Malhargad.


The Malhargad Fort was built by a Peshwa Sardar. He was the Chief in charge of the Tofkhana of the Peshwas. The fort was built between 1757 and 1760 A.D. In the documents of the historic fort, there are citations of the visit of Elder Madhavrao Peshwe to the fort. The purpose of the fort was to keep an eye on the neighbouring Dive ghat and the surroundings. It is a small fort that can be covered completely in 30-40 min depending upon the speed of the trekkers. The forts bastions and fortifications are now in ruins.


Malhargad Fort is known as an adorable beautiful fort. It is an ideal fort for trekkers who are interested in a one day small trek. The highest point on the Malhargad fort trek is 3,100 feet. This fort is also known as Sonori or Sonorigad because of the adjacent village named Sonori, situated at the base of the fort. There is a pond filled with water during rainy and winter seasons. The water is not used for drinking purposes. Another well is located on the route of the bastion at the top of the fort. There’s a small entrance door as well.

The Trail

As we enter the fort through the eastern entrance door, moving left side we come across the palatial remnants. To reach the fort, trekkers have two ways. One way leads to the Mahadarwaja while another way goes to the back of the fort. Nowadays the Grampanchayat has undertaken the backside road of the fort for the constructions. This road leads the trekkers to reach the section of Chor Darwaja. According to the current status, the progress of work seems that it should complete by June 2019.

How to Reach

Trekkers have to head towards Saswad via the Hadaspar route. There is a small village called Dive, here there is a diversion to the left side. This diversion will take trekkers to the base village of the fort. Sonoricha Killa is a name used for this fort by the villager’s forts. One can reach Saswad by a State Transport bus as well.

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