Kohoj Fort Trek

Kohoj fort trek lies near palghar in the palghar district of Maharashtra, India. The base village for this fort is Vaghote and it takes two and a half hours to reach the top of this fort from here.


The fort was known for keeping a watch on the adjacent coast, to keep their territory protected and secured. Kohoj Fort is around 800 years old and was a part of the Purandar treaty. As a part of this treaty, Shivaji Maharaja surrendered 22 other forts to the Mughals on 11 June 1665. Not very much is known about this history of Kohoj Fort. This fort probably belongs to Bhoj-period. Portuguese captured this fort from the king of Gujarat in the 16th century. In the 18th century, Peshwe occupied this fort in the year of 1737. Later on, this fort remained under the rule of the British Government.


Kohoj Fort’s height from the sea level is about 3200 feet. The Kohoj Fort Trek is a Medium grade trek. At the base village, there is a beautiful lake which reflects the image of the fort. On the flat surface of the fort, there is a holy temple of Lord Shankar along with three groups of water cisterns. Among these three cisterns, there is one which consists of potable water. Further on the top of this hill, we come across a temple of Lord Hanuman. There are some pinnacles which are naturally formed due to the wind-erosion and two of them are shaped like humans.

The Trail

Once we reach on the plateau of the Kohoj fort, there will be a holy temple of Lord Shankar. Two cisterns can be seen in front of this temple. One of the routes arises from the left-hand side of the temple. The second routes go from the right-hand side of the temple up the hill. Here you will notice three cisterns where one of them is clogged and the rest contain water. There will be an idol representing Lord Hanuman. Besides this temple to the left-hand side, we can see the bastion. From this location, we start climbing the steps and within 15 minutes of walking distance, we reach the top of the fort.

How to Reach

By Road

You can hire the taxi, cab or can drive a private vehicle from Mumbai towards Ghodbandar Road through Western Express Highway. Take a turn towards the Mumbai- Ahmedabad Highway (NH8) and drive straight till manor road and then take a right turn from the flyover and go straight till its Vaghote the base village.

By Rail

If you are boarding from the Western Railway line, locals and express trains are available for the Palghar Railway station. Churchgate-Dahanu Road locals are boarding from Churchgate till Dahanu Road which is three stations after Palghar. Even Gujarat Express train halts at Palghar Station but it doesn’t t halt at every small station before Virar Railway station.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the duration of Kohoj fort trek?

It takes two and a half hours to reach the top of the Kohoj fort trek from it’s base village, Vaghote.

What is the height of Kohoj fort?

Kohoj fort stands tall at height of 975mtrs above sea level. It roughly translates to about 3200 ft.

What is the base village for Kohoj fort trek?

Vaghote village in Palghar is the base village for the Kohoj fort trek. It takes about 2.5 hours to reach the top of the Kohoj fort from here.

What is the difficulty level of the Kohoj fort trek?

Kohoj fort trek is a medium level trek in the Palghar district. Beginners can attempt this trek under the guidance of expert trekkers.