Chakan Fort Trek

Chakan Fort Trek is also known as Sangramgad and it is situated in the Chakan village of Pune district, India. The fort is mostly known for Maratha History.


Chakan fort or Sangramgad is popularly known for its history. On the Chakan Fort, Maratha General, Firangoji Narsala repelled strong Mughal attacks. This ancient fort was under the rule of Allah-ud-din Khilji. By the end of the 12th century, the construction of the Chakan Fort commenced under an Abyssinian chief. The fort was handed over to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s grandfather (Maloji Bhosale) in 1965. The Mughal army blocked the source of goods entering into the Chakan Fort. At the end of the battle, Firangoji Narsale surrendered because of a shortage of material and other sources. To appreciate Firangoji Narsale’s courage & struggles, Shivaji Maharaj gave the control of Bhupalgad fort. Later on again Maratha’s won the fort. In the 18th century, the fort was conquered by the British from the Marathas. It was a vital fort that helped establish control over areas like Paud, Ghotan, Bhimner, and Ghodner.


A huge Cannon is placed at the entrance of this Fort, which had been used in various battles in ancient times. A Grinding wheel and some fortifications on the walls of the fort can be seen at the main bastion. There is a Bhuyar which is also termed as a hidden tunnel used for a secret escape during the battles. The attractiveness of the fort is sustained by several renovations undertaken by the Indian government. The fort was very strongly built with another inner line of wall within the fort. There is a moat (wide ditch) around the perimeter of the fort which improves the defence of the fort. There is a Chakreshwar temple within the fort.

How to Reach

Pune District is connected by the roadways, railways, and airways to all the main cities in the Maharashtra state of India. Government buses are available from Pune to Chakan.


Both Shivajinagar station, as well as Pune station, are the Nearest Railheads to reach the fort. Government buses are available to Chakan from both stations. There are also private vehicles available from the Railway station.


Pune Airport is the nearest Airport to reach the fort. From the airport, you can hire private vehicles or ST buses are available at cheaper prices.

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