Bhorgiri Fort Trek

Bhorgiri Fort Trek is one of the lesser known forts located near the Bhimanshankar Wildlife Sanctuary in Pune district of Maharashtra, India. Rajgurunagar is the nearest town to this fort.


The history of this fort is not very well documented. Bhorgiri Fort Trek is well connected to the Konkan and Pune region. The fort was used for keeping a watch on the surrounding villages. Bhorgiri Fort trek is Medium grade and can be accomplished by trekkers new to the trail as well. The fort is situated in in the range of Bhimashankar Range of Pune District.


Bhorgiri Fort Trek is located near Bhimanshankar and the nearest town called to the starting point of the trek is Rajgurunagar. The fort hill is surrounded on both the sides by Bhima river and a small tributary of it. The backside of Bhorgiri village consists of two caves in the mountains. There are four supporting pillars on which the two water tanks are built on both sides of the caves. On the left side of the water tank there is a sculpture called the Nandi Sculpture and a Shiv Ling. There is a water tank called Satvahana, which is divided into three parts. The two parts having water filled in it and the third part is dried and Veerghal ( a memorial stone) kept in it.

The Trail

Crossing a small stream we reach to the base of the fort. There are steps carved in stone at the last patch of the Bhorgiri Fort. The time required to reach the first cave from the base of the hill is approximately 5 minutes. Move fowrards by keeping the route of the hill on the left-hand side and the valley on the right-hand side. Climb until you reach the summit of this fort. While trekking the fort on the left we come across a water tank that is in ruins. A ruined stone Sculpture is painted with vermillion. The route from the doorway rises to the Bhimashankar region.

How to Reach

Trekkers from Pune need to drive on the Pune-Nashik Highway. A small Diversion to the left after crossing Rajgurnagar takes you to the base village of the fort.

Trekkers from Mumbai can reach Bhorgiri through the Mumbai-Pune route. Drive from Talegaon to Shirgaon and there will be a diversion towards Bhimashankar and Rajgurunagar to Bhorigiri. The distance one has to cover is approx. 55kms.