Anjaneri Fort Trek

Anjaneri fort is believed to be the birthplace of Lord ‘Hanuman’ and hence this place has a huge historical importance. He was the son of ‘Keshari’ and ‘Anjanimata’, hence the name Anjaneri . He was also known as the son of ‘Pavan Dev’. It lies in the Trimbyakeshwar range. It is considered to be one of the important forts in Nashik.


The history of the Anjaneri Trek, goes back to the Medieval Period. Hence, a lot of history lovers frequent this place. Not much is known about the history of Anjaneri bu It is also believed to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman.


Anjaneri Fort is located on a hilltop on the outskirts of Nashik. It is located at an elevation of more than 4000 feet. It is surrounded by farm fields and lush green hills. Over a period of time, it has become immensely popular amongst tourists. The region around Anjaneri Fort faces very hot summers. Hence, the best time to visit the fort is from October until then end of February when the climate is pleasant. The twin pinnacles of ‘Navra’ and Navri’ can be seen from the Anjaneri village.

There are carvings that can be seen in the caves near the steps. These caves have been carved out by Jains. There is a huge Anjani Mata temple on the fort. It is usually used for accommodation by trekkers and campers.  To the left of the fort is the ‘Seeta Cave’ which is made up of two rooms. Around 10 to 12 people can be accommodated here comfortably. There are many carvings inside the cave as well. There’s a citadel where one more temple of Anjani Mata can be seen. The perimeter of the fort is pretty large.

The Trail

The Anjaneri Fort Trek starts from the Anjaneri village. You have to cross the mountain that you see to actually reach the Anjaneri fort mountain. The initial part of the trek has steps. Once you cross the trail narrows down to 6-7 inch which is stony and dangerous.
The trail passes between two hills. There are caves on these hills that have carvings inside. Continuing on this trail will lead you to the first Anjani Mata temple. Continuing further will bring you to a plateau. The second temple of Anjani Mata is just a few minutes from here. A small house near the temple sells tea and snacks, it is the only such facility on the fort. A small trail that descends takes you to another cave, this is said to be where Lord Hanuman was born.

How to Reach

The closest Airport is Nashik and you can take a direct flight and then from there, you can either hire a direct cab or catch public transport to reach the fort. The starting point of the Anjaneri fort trek is about 50kms from the Airport.

Nashik is well connected to all other cities and towns by rail. Hence you can reach it Nashik by catching a train. From the station, you can either hire a cab/jeep or use a State Transport bus to reach the fort. The fort is well connected by Tar Roads.

What is the Anjaneri Fort trek known for?

Anjaneri fort is believed to be the birthplace of Lord ‘Hanuman’ and hence this place has a huge historical importance. The history of this fort goes back to the medieval age.

What is the difficulty level of the Anjaneri fort trek?

Anjaneri fort trek is considered to be an easy level trek and can be accomplished by a beginner trekker as well. The trail is pretty straightforward and the chances of getting lost is remote.

What is the height of the Anjaneri fort trek?

The top most point of the Anjaneri fort trek is 4200 feet. In terms of metres it is at an elevation of 1280m above sea level.

What is the best time to visit Anjaneri Fort?

The regions around the Anjaneri fort faces very hot summers, hence the best time to visit the fort is any months except for the summer months. The flora and fauna look beautiful during the monsoon months i.e from June to September.

Is potable water available on the Anjaneri fort trek?

There are a couple of water tanks/cisterns at the Anjaneri fort. However the water in these tanks is not potable and not advisable to be used for drinking purposes.

How long is the Anjaneri fort trek?

Anjaneri fort trek is a one day trek in the Sahyadri ranges and it takes about 3 hours to reach the top of the fort from the base village, Anjaneri.

How to reach Anjaneri fort?

Anjaneri fort is close to Nashik and one can drive their own private vehicle to reach the fort.
If you’re using public transport, one can reach Kasara station by boarding a Kasara local from CST/Kalyan. From Kasara station one can take jeeps from outside the station which will take you to the Anjaneri village.
Alternatively, one can reach Nashik. There are MSRTC (State Transport) buses and local transport is available as well to Anjaneri Phata. The distance between Nashik station and Anjaneri Fort is only about 20 kms. One can reach Anjaneri village from Anjaneri Phata after a short 15 minute walk