Tailbaila Fort Trek

Tailbaila Fort Trek Tailbaila fort trek can actually be considered a climbing route rather than a trekking trail. Tailbaila fort is a magmatic dyke with a distinct shape. It has two protruding rock walls separated by a V-shaped gap. It lies in the Mulshi region of the Pune district. ItRead More →

Anghai fort trek

Anghai Fort Trek Anghai fort trek is a difficult level trek in the Raigad region of Maharashtra. It is nestled between the Raigad and Pune districts. The height of the top most point on the trek is only about 1350 ft above sea level, however the steep gradient of theRead More →

Tikona fort trek

Tikona Fort Trek Tikona fort trek is located in the Maval region in Pune, Maharashtra. It is known for it’s pyramidal shape which can be seen from the camping grounds in Pawna. The fort stands tall at 3500 ft. The name Tikona means “triangular”. History Not much is known aboutRead More →

Narayangad Fort Trek

Narayangad Fort Trek Narayangad Fort Trek is a medium level trek, located in Narayangaon in Junnar Taluka, Pune. The top most point of the trek is at 2557 ft ASL. Narayangad is situated in the middle of a flat area close to Junnar Bazaar and Naneghat and makes for aRead More →

Korigad Fort Trek

Korigad Fort Trek Korigad fort trek is an easy level trek located about 20 km from Lonavla in Pune district. The topmost point on the trek is about 3028 ft above sea level. The actual date of it’s of construction is not known but likely predates 1500. History Chatrapati ShivajiRead More →

Kavlya Fort Trek

Kavlya Fort Trek Kavlya fort trek is one of the least visited forts in Pune, Maharashtra even though it lies in Varandha Ghat which is a famous tourist destination. Varandha Ghat is an important route connecting Raigad in the Konkan and Pune on the Ghats. Kavlya fort was built toRead More →

Jivdhan fort trek

Jivdhan Fort Trek Jivdhan fort trek in Junnar, Pune is considered to be a difficult trek by most trekkers. The fort stands tall at 3754 feet ASL. Located very close to Naneghat, It faces Ghatghar and was built to protect the ancient trade route of Naneghat. Giant squirrels can beRead More →

Hanumantgad fort trek

Hanumantgad fort trek Hanumantgad fort trek lies in the Pune district at a height of 1108 ft ASL. It is adjacent to the Nimgiri fort trek and are separated by a small ravine. History Not much is documented about this fort in terms of history. There are a lot ofRead More →

Bhivgad fort trek

Bhivgad Fort Trek Bhivgad Fort Trek lies in Karjat in the Raigad region. It is a medium grade trek. This trek is also known Bhimgad fort trek or Bheemgad fort trek. The fort does not have much historical significance documented and hence is not visited by many despite being closeRead More →